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I had two options in mind: one more melodic and jazzy with clean notes and one more "country". I've chosen the second one. Hope to have made the right choice. ;) Thanks to Shi for such inspiring vocal and lyrics, thanks to JodyTripp for expressive guitar playing, et merci à Cassius pour la batterie trop cool!
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Country ballad


Fantastic !! Thanks a million+2
Juin 28 2020 19:02:03
Flolei Glad that you like it. Thanks to you! You play so beautifully! A friend of mine is now working at an instrumental version, because he loves your track! :) +1
You chose well+1
Juin 28 2020 18:49:50
Flolei Thanks! The dilemma was: is the main feeling agitation (blues harp) or sadness (jazzy harp). Glad that you agree with me. :) +2
doesn't this sound sweet Flolei, nice country style harp you added :)+1
Juin 28 2020 19:31:21
Flolei Thank you so much ! Glad that you like it. I really hesitated, I was afraid that it will sound too "agressive". ;) +1
Juin 28 2020 19:32:27
Shi not agressive at all..sounds lovely :) +1
Juin 28 2020 19:33:09
Flolei Thank you ! :) +1
your playing is terrific.
especially that magic at 0:55 I love most! volume there could even a bit more.
How do you merge two different notes into an slide? on the guitar you bend or slide, but on an harp, how does this work? (examples 0:55 or 1:03)
Juin 28 2020 22:35:22
Flolei Thank you so much for the comment and compliment ! :) Diatonic harmonica is really an interesting instrument. Without special technics, you can only play 20 notes (actually 19 different). With more advanced skills you can play about 40 (3 fully chromatic octaves + 1 half-tone and some notes you have twice on the instrument). Some of these "hidden" notes are draw notes which can be combined with natural draw notes. Here it is even nicer: there are two draw "hidden notes" which are on the same hole and you can slide from one to the other. I like to do that. Sorry for the long answer. Hope it was clear. At least you understood that I love my instrument! ;) +1
Juin 28 2020 22:43:02
Flolei And something else: my obsession is not disturbing voice and lyrics. Shi's sensual and sweet voice is really challenging. I prefer not to play while she's singing, but here, there is a change between two sections and I heard in my head a discret instrumental insert. To reach the ideal volume is really difficult. Before posting I put the harmonica up and down several times like a fool! :D +1
Juin 28 2020 22:49:04
hartmut I've heard your song now 5 times, and I've read your description 5 times also, i capture from it, that there are among other things two draw hidden notes on the same hole and you can slide from the one to the other and probably you're doing this e.g. on 0:55 and 1:03 and I like this sound a lot, and you love your instrument, and this is the best which can happen. Thank You a lot :) +0
Juin 28 2020 22:52:08
hartmut "And something else:" ... thanks for describing :)

it is one of my favorite songs now
Juin 28 2020 22:52:33
Flolei Yes, it is what I do at these moments you pointed out. It is a slide from A to Bb, two of the 3 hidden notes that can be played on the third hole. When you start learning hidden notes, they are out of tune and sound awfully, but after it is one of the loveliest sounds on the instrument. I like them too ! Thanks for your interest. ;) +1
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