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This is a violin sample that I used granular synthesis on making an ensemble. Alot of it was generated and changed by using the modwheel rather than using chord or key changes. The granular synthesis engine did most of the modulating which in turn made it sort of a random and chance music. I feel it turned out really good. All adds welcome.


Very Creative, Ark!!!!!! Sound Great!!!+2
Yes this is interesting. It pulls you in+2
super :):D<3+2
Fantastic Titus:W+1
sounds very natural and at the same time surreal... Great!+1
Well i do not fully understand granular synthesis, but I like the result.This sounds right, by chance or no. Nice job Titus.+1
Sounds great! What do you use for granular synthesis? I have a few tools, but be interested to hear what you use.+1
sounds very good!!+1
Really cool sound!!<3+1
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