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2 avr. 2020
It took a while to get this one together. So many options and it was hard to decide what to put in and what to leave out. I have the feeling that Peter may have had a well known Calypso tune in mind when he recorded the drums for this...I might be wrong of course. Anyway, I added saxophones to it. There is a whole heap of room in the middle to do what you want with if you choose ...
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:Y :W :D +2
2 avril 2020 à 03:44
CameAndWent4-20 Cheers Mark....Limbo dancing here we come :W:D +1
Fantastic,a lot of work involve here.Congrats Alex<3 +2
2 avril 2020 à 05:17
CameAndWent4-20 Hey Marc Thank you. Yes it took a few hours. :D +1
Fantastic Your Saxophon Sound Alex ;)great job ;)<3:Y +2
2 avril 2020 à 07:43
CameAndWent4-20 Cheers Charli<3 +1
Wow !!!! Wonderful Alex was absolutely delighted anything that sounds to life and body your talent is beyond question, but to create from nothing a melody is extraordinary<3 +2
2 avril 2020 à 07:59
CameAndWent4-20 Thanks Jhon but I did have a lot of inspiration from Sonny Rollins:D +2
2 avril 2020 à 08:02
jhonrobert Yeah I know but you played you though;) +1
2 avril 2020 à 08:05
CameAndWent4-20 Ha ha. Touché Jhon. Thanks again. I did include one of the the famous quotes from Sonny’s original solo in the first chorus I played but the rest was me for sure....difficult to forget Sonny though:D +1
2 avril 2020 à 08:09
jhonrobert Sonny has been a teacher for all musicians not only sax ......:W +1
2 avril 2020 à 08:12
CameAndWent4-20 Oh yeah....such a cool guy some of his style during the 50’s was so extreme for the time and I’m talking just about his hair:D +2
2 avril 2020 à 08:16
jhonrobert It's true.....:W +2
Hey Alex! I love the unique sound of your saxophone. Beautiful melodies and perfect execution. +2
2 avril 2020 à 13:19
CameAndWent4-20 Hi Andri. Thanks once more. Your generous compliments are always much appreciated :W +1
Great sax again Alex! Indeed, i had kind of a St.Thomas feeling in your chords progression and phrasing. Simply great! :W +2
2 avril 2020 à 13:18
CameAndWent4-20 Thanks Laurent. It seemed the right thing to do:D +0
Completely Made my Day Alex<3....Totally Wonderful Melody and Structure..... Its so perfectly on the money I cant help but smile all over again and agian just listening:)...Its going to need some paticularly special touches now, for sure and I'm so delighted you graced this:D:W +1
2 avril 2020 à 18:45
CameAndWent4-20 Always a pleasure to work with you Peter. You set the stage very well. The 16 bar phrasing made it so easy to work with<3 +1
2 avril 2020 à 18:50
PJE Just Beautiful Alex<3 +1
Sonny R would Love this!!!!! So Creative, Alex!!!! This is a work of Love and Art!!!!!!! You play in and out of the chord progression so effective, keeping that melody upfront with those cool breaks, and WOW....Fantastic improv!!!upfrot Your arrangement and section playing is so Incredible! Excellent, Alex!!!!!!! First Class!!!!! +1
2 avril 2020 à 21:15
CameAndWent4-20 I appreciate your compliments as always Dan. Having a track like this is like having a beautifully prepared canvas...primed with the finest Gesso and stretched to perfection. Just the right amount of grit on the canvas to hold the paint yet soft enough to allow the paint to glide when required. Peter prepares very fine canvases:D<3 +0
CI Section
Amazing and unique - masterful combination of melody lines:) +1
3 avril 2020 à 02:04
CameAndWent4-20 So kind Martin. Thank you very much<3 +1
Wowwww! a first class musical exercise with winds, harmony, harmonic path and subtle bass line !! Now my question is what kind of bass to use here? fretless vs fretted? 4 strings vs 5 strings? neck deep sound or jaco bridge pickup? but I'm sure I'll play here !!! Top creativity Alex! +1
3 avril 2020 à 16:08
CameAndWent4-20 Super news Mario. Bring it on:W<3 +1
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