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Joao builds on the basic blues progression that is hypnotic and inspires exploration. I edited Joao’s tracks 164981, 164982, 164983 to “explore”. Joao starts with a blues basic progression and adds guitar cool entries of guitar and piano that keeps that same blues feeling but reminds you of the healing powers of the basic blues. After listening many times, it inspired me to an “a la carte” approach. Thanks Joao for your cool joyous music!! I added 0-2:29 and 2:59-4:21.
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Blues Rock, Swing, sax


All your great capacity for free improvisation and swing exudes clearly here! Fantastic Dan! :)+1
Juin 12 2019 16:33:39
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Stef!!! I so much appreciate you very kind words my friend!!!! Wikiloops enables all of us to think out of the box... the KEY is we form a respect and relations for Wikil musicians that inspire us!!! +0
A pleasure to hear Dan !!! played great and perfect in interaction with Joao.:Y<3<3<3+1
Juin 12 2019 16:34:22
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Rene!! I appreciate your support my friend!!! +0
thats a cool way to use the tracs from Joao.Dan and fantastic playing,i been working with this fantastic template too...;););)+1
Juin 12 2019 16:36:27
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Nils!!! Yes I admire you multiple adds on this!!! I am so glad you inspired Joao to post his separate tracks!!! +1
This is absolutely cool Dan, you turned it up a ton of notches here!!!+1
Juin 12 2019 16:37:06
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Ron!!!! I so much appreciate your kind words my friend!! +0
Great track Dan. :)+1
Juin 12 2019 16:37:32
Itocpogo Thank You so much my friend!!! I appreciate it very much!!! +0
Cool job!+1
Juin 12 2019 16:37:52
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Mario!! I appreciate it!!! +1
Wowoooo... :o, Dan! you begin with a sax strong free statement that prepares for what follows... and then the bass and guitar move in and you sax still leading with beautiful harmonies and phrases!... finally you introduce the piano that brings the final order... and your sax still leading !!!! I love < 3 your arrangement here, my friend!!! hope you have had fun doing this !!! I must confesse that was Nils who asked me to post the separate tracks... ;) glad I did it:D:)+1
Juin 12 2019 16:41:52
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Joao!! Yes, I had a load of fun!!! I just kept hearing building on your bluesy swing starting from a ground level and building on you adding each instrument!!! I alway experience "Joy" playing with you because you always have that joyous feel in your playing!!! +0
Wonderful sax Dan inspired musical creativity flows so naturally from you every time my friend bravo:W<3+1
Juin 14 2019 21:09:44
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter!! I appreciate it so much my friend!!! +0
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