The Castle Jam. You again?

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Il n'y a pas encore de remix de cette session !
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Nice long intro and jazzy feel. Great drums from melinos (our first track together?), and always wonderful bass from GlezBass. One minute hole in the middle to be filled by someone else.


again a fusion of musician and instrument.
I always have the feeling when you play that the saxophone plays alone and you breathe the sounds, not out:D<3
Février 22 2019 23:26:45
Wade Your comment touches me deeply as it's my aim to play without artifice. I try to play as I would sing and not have the instrument sound mechanical or the playing technical. +1
Février 23 2019 18:49:20
jamlady ... and you succeed excellently +1
CI Section
Now, this is so great! Congrats! Download...<3+1
Février 22 2019 22:29:58
CI Section
Wade Thanks CI. I hope to hear something from you in the near future. +1
Subtle and fine entrance of the saxophone sonio, accompanying the harmonics ... very good! the soloist part as always excellent in structure, harmony and sound, and as always goodness for others to play !! great job Wade!+1
Février 22 2019 22:32:20
Wade All owed to you and melinos for such a fine template that inspires. +1
Wunderbar. I am always taken by the tone of your sax Wade, and apart from that it's a great song. Kudos to all.+1
Février 22 2019 22:35:03
Wade So kind of you bluesdog! Lots of credit goes to GB and melinos. +0
So good how you entice the listener and then charm with great phrasing and smooth tone - just enough yet, leaves one still wanting me this is musical class and so very thoughtful, bravo Wade+1
Février 22 2019 22:41:49
Wade You've got very big ears grandma. It was certainly the intent to be very subtle. I'm still trying to embrace the idea that "less can be more". Editing out the crap certainly helps. +1
Février 23 2019 00:39:23
PJE Never one to blow your own trumpet (ok Sax and actually though, you really do) I like how you let the music do the talking instead and I have enjoyed all the great adds I heard that you have here Wade’s good that you should know you are appreciated my friend +1
Février 23 2019 00:54:26
Wade Once again so very kind of you. I don't think my style of playing appeals to all. There is generally an expectation of a jazzy or contemporary sound most want to hear from a sax. Different isn't always good or even OK. Some (like you) can relate and I'm grateful for that.

If that's you in the sea, then I think we have another level of being able to relate. The wife and I go diving/snorkeling here in the South Pacific. Off to Vanuatu in June to check out the reefs. Here in Australia it's sad to see the deterioration of the Great Barrier.
Février 23 2019 01:04:20
PJE It’s right your Sax is yours and if you love and it loves you back then others always will too....
Yes I can relate that’s me in the Caribbean Sea...Diving is a passion for me also and you have a wonder of the world in Oz that we simply all have to ensure it’s saved
Beautiful Wade<3<3<3+1
Février 22 2019 22:44:10
Wade So good of you to have a listen. Thanks my marsupial brother. +1
Excellent intro opening the door. Brazilian init to melancholic and sensual lines. Sensitive add Wade <3+1
Février 22 2019 22:46:07
Wade Cheers Andri. Maybe you'd like to join in in the middle part? This seems like it's a style you are good at. +0
Really like this one, groovy jazz! Your sax is perfect here and kudos to Mario and Melinos for a superb backing track! :O:W+1
Février 22 2019 22:47:37
Wade So good of you to have a listen and comment. I'm not really a jazz player, but love this sort of feel as it allows a lot of freedom. +1
Février 22 2019 22:49:34
Ernie440 I think your sax would stand out in a club groovin on a tune like this and most people would never know you're not really a jazz player .. hehe :W +1
Lenny Cowler
Février 22 2019 22:48:08
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. Always good to have you around. +1
Great Wade, sounds fantastic :)+1
Février 22 2019 22:49:46
Wade Thanks Franky. I certainly enjoyed this one and the beautiful set up from GB and melinos. +0
Février 22 2019 22:55:55
frankyguitar This is great playing in a wonderful way and great mood !! Just excellent Wade :W Yeah :) +1
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