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Il n'y a pas encore de remix de cette session !
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Love this track from Neca, Mikebanez and GrooveEnth. You can blame GrooveEnth for inviting me to join in. Sopranino in snake charming mode.


Tantric and you're charming a snake ... say no more wink wink nudge nudge ... :D Your sax fits perfect and sounds fantastic on this Arabic sounding groove. Great playing by all here!! :W:D+3
Janvier 31 2019 09:12:08
Wade Yes, and I'm soon to be back in the land of snakes. We have pythons and tree snakes living in our ceiling in Australia. That's normal though and desirable as it keeps the other critters at bay or thinned out. The pythons can get to be 6 meters, but have only seen 3 meter youngsters around our place. They come out to shed their skins in the roof's gutter, so we know how big they are. The really big ones are in the jungle around our local lake. +0
Janvier 31 2019 14:19:46
Ernie440 Wow ... that's crazy!! I have a cat that catches and kills little wee mice and moles .. sounds like your snakes could eat my cat! :O Python in the ceiling .. there's a good metal song title! :W +1
Janvier 31 2019 19:43:53
Wade Yes, the pythons prefer the larger critters and especially like bandicoots (about the size of a small cat). The pro and amateur snake catchers will supply snakes to people for their ceilings. I've caught one that was about 2 1/2 meters long that was in a shed we were tearing down and moved him to my new shed. He wasn't happy, but everybody wants snakes to keep down the "other" critters. A very different sort of reality. +1
Janvier 31 2019 21:40:38
Ernie440 "... snake catchers will supply snakes to people for their ceilings ... " :O Wow ... 2 and 1/2 meters :O ... you're right .. it's a different sort of reality alrighty .. I've never heard of such a thing as keeping snakes in your ceiling.. Snake Dundee! Got to wonder about young families with newborn babies being happy about big pythons slithering around their abode .. "yeah it ate the kid, but we're critter free!!" :D +1
Février 01 2019 20:46:34
Wade We have cyclones (same as a hurricane but southern hemisphere), so the houses are built to survive that. The ceiling to roof is secure, so the snakes can't get down into the house, they just hang out in the ceiling. If you leave the doors or windows open they could come in from outside. Recently with the hot weather one went into an open house in the Brisbane area and went into a toilet to cool off. The woman who lives there went to take a pee and was bitten on the ass. Probably defiled his dignity ...he was a python...not a piss-on! +1
Février 01 2019 20:56:17
Ernie440 OMG! LOL! That's a nasty place to get bit, not that any place is good ... bet she squealed! I would! Quite the story Wade .. interesting :D:) +1
Ye ole snake charmer! Nice one Wade :)+1
Janvier 31 2019 09:06:11
Wade Thanks Frankie! I really go for these sorts of modal tunes. Odd is GOOD! +1
Lenny Cowler
Janvier 31 2019 20:06:59
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. Always good to have you listening. Maybe you'll even play on some? +1
I’m a snake and have been charmed :) nice eastern vibes this one all together+1
Janvier 30 2019 14:34:19
Andri :D:D +0
Janvier 31 2019 09:07:11
Wade Most kind of you Chris. I just love these odd modal tracks. +0
Nice Wade!!!+1
Janvier 31 2019 09:07:52
Wade Thanks Andri. I've got a few of yours I'd like to add to, but not sure when that will happen. +0
CI Section
Great ethnic atmo! Sopranino fits perfect. Nice collab from all :W+1
Janvier 31 2019 09:12:41
CI Section
Wade Thanks CI. I really enjoy this type of track. +0
what a different feel:D so good .yes I believe you are the snake charmer🐍👍:D+1
Janvier 31 2019 09:13:30
Wade Thank you Mike, and it's good to be sharing a track with you. I certainly enjoyed. +1
Sopranino works perfect on this...and nice job fitting right in there :)+1
Février 01 2019 19:35:47
Wade So good to be hearing from you Mark. I'm sure others join in in wishing you a speedy recovery. +1
Yeah Wade :W
Great sax add, to that out of your box music!! Sounds excellent <3
Février 01 2019 19:37:27
Wade Thanks Franky. I know you are also an appreciator or the "unusual". +1
Février 01 2019 23:45:35
frankyguitar YES :D
You read me like a book :D
Ah yes - I knew you were the man for this! :D Tops it off perfectly :)+1
Février 01 2019 19:39:11
Wade Thanks for the invite GE. I did enjoy this one a lot and found it too easy to slip back into these modes. +0
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