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That was a very cool ride guys! Thanks for that....played my fingers to the bone yesterday at a gig so this was a smooth ride to heal the hands... :) lot's and lot's of room for solo's so please join the fun..... did some little thingies on it too.. cheers, Marc


Nice chord choices Marc. Definitely on my list. Have a fabulous Christmas.+3
Décembre 23 2018 08:26:23
Marceys Glad you like them, the Am, FM7 and Dm were allready great. I played them something like Am9, FM9 / Fm6/9, Dm9 / Dmb5+6 (?) and ending with an EbM7b5/E +0
Décembre 23 2018 20:27:02
Wade I hope you get on to this soon so that I don't need to. Ha! (you'll also do a much better job of it). +1
ooh yeah and isn't this a smooth and silky something special :) have a nice xmas and new year fellas :)+2
Décembre 23 2018 08:21:21
Marceys Thanks a lot Shi, glad you like it! Was a cool 8 minute ride! Have some funky X-Mas! :) +1
Super smooth, super feel... Just superb, Marc. Really sets a fantastic atmosphere for the whole track. I worried about the swing I set but you’ve made it fit like the proverbial glove!

Love the solo too!

It’s a long track, isn’t it?
Décembre 23 2018 10:36:23
Marceys Hey Martin, i’m very glad you like it! So sorry i didn’t add a little reverb to your drums when i mixed it... but it still sounds great!
A bit long it is indeed, it needs some different solo parts now to keep it interesting.... let’s see if there are some people up to that!
Décembre 24 2018 09:06:46
mpointon Sounds great without the 'verb, Marc!

Merry Christmas, Marc!
Wonderful Marceys ;) Merry Christmas ;)<3+2
Décembre 23 2018 13:50:14
Marceys Thank you very much and the very same to you! :) +0
Beautiful Marc.congradulations.+1
Décembre 23 2018 08:28:06
Marceys Thanks a lot Marc, enjoyed the playing! :) :) +0
I’m’going To try it before having the Christmas lunch at parents’s place :)
I wish you a wonderful family time as well.
Décembre 23 2018 10:00:33
Marceys Have fun with the track Tof, i wish you and your loved ones some great time too! +1
Oh boy, such an upgrade, such a revaluation by drums & keys. Thanks Marc for joining also! <3+1
Décembre 23 2018 13:48:10
Marceys Glad you like it, had a great time on it... think this can be a great playfield for others to do some cool solo's! :) +1
All-star play time. Excellent. Really enjoyed that unusual sound used in your solo starting a 5:23.+1
Décembre 23 2018 13:49:46
Marceys Thanks a lot and glad you like it, this track got loads of room for solomusicians to do their thing! :) So please join the fun if you like!
Have some happy days Wade! :)
Décembre 23 2018 20:24:29
Wade Thanks Marc. Will promises. +1
Great groove Marc! :)+1
Décembre 24 2018 15:10:29
Marceys Thanks a lot! Was a cool play and it is working out pretty cool too! :) +1
Great!!! Grooving !+1
Décembre 24 2018 15:10:42
Marceys Thanks a lot! :) +0
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