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I upload this version though I'm not satisfied by my job. At first sight, this looked like to me easier than performing. The track sounded like a celtic tune to me, but this is actually a true classical piece in its structure. I played it many times to find a path, so I chose at last to follow the classical strings structure... Of course, you can cut here and there the harp to add your instrument with it. Add what ...
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fits perfect to me+1
Novembre 07 2018 23:16:26
Caroljoyce Heli ? Is it you ? Or a trick of a ghost ? :o
Lol. I'm so glad to read you at last Andreas.
Novembre 07 2018 23:36:40
heliandros As you can see in my profile pic the ape has got taken control 'bout my instruments... this impudent critter demands his toll from me, if I like to be creative...
What a confusing condition
Novembre 07 2018 23:40:15
Caroljoyce Lol... yes confusing indeed ! But this ape inside you seems to be a kind one. It couldn't be too hard to control him. Be STRONG My Friend.
lol. :@
Sounds like a wonderful add to me Agness very beautiful :):)<3+1
Août 30 2018 21:02:38
Caroljoyce Thank you very much Dorothy ! +1
Just a fantastic add Agnèss !!! The whole thing could be a symphony for an Computer Game. Excellent. Jeremy Soul, you know him? (I'm not a gamer, but like this music)+1
Août 30 2018 21:01:32
Caroljoyce No, i dont know this man. But I shall listen to his works. Thanks for the référence and the words, my friend. Good idea about game music. I was thinking about movie. I often create with movies ideas in my head. This is why I prefer instrumental tracks. +1
your add sounds really wonderful Agness...;)<3;)+1
Août 08 2018 20:55:08
Caroljoyce Hi Dear Nils, Thank you for the listen and the kind words my true friend. Hope you're doing well.:) +1
What a wonderful piece of music you both have just created!!! After hearing this for about five times while trying to ad something, I come to the conclusion the best wikiloop song of 2018+2
Août 08 2018 14:23:29
Caroljoyce :o (blush) Thank you.
To me, Imperfect but perfectible : that's it...;)
just wonderful Carol!<3+1
Août 08 2018 14:18:18
Caroljoyce Thanks Claudia. Your cello could fit very well too. <3 +1
This is certainly a fine ad Agnés! Don’t know why you aren’t satisfied with it, your countermelody starting at 4.44 is glorius,Just that chord and a few notes in the beginning of that part is just perfect! Classical music is indeed very different from folk music cause there is no need to play all the time, your adding just a pinch of color from your instrument to the palette of colors from the other instruments. That’s why I think you did a very good job in that second part. In the first part you could have played just a few chords as well’ cause there are already solo’s from other instruments, but I can hear you are a quick learner in the second part,actualy it’s the 3th part cause the middle part is with the percussion. Thanks for joining in Agnéss!+1
Août 07 2018 23:42:16
Caroljoyce John, your words are so precious to me. :) How can I thank you for this constructive criticism ? This is what I need to improve myself.
True, that I did too many "notes" in the first part (but also in the third part), this is why I am not satisfied with it... (I cry to know you.) Just imagine that you confirm my intuition. How great it is to find you here like a guide to me ! Now, I'll keep these piece of advice for the rest of my life for adds in my next approach.
I will work on this sounds of harp we call "arpeggiated chords", I mean, several strings played in a wrist motion as accompinements.
The second difficulty I have to face too is a technical point when mixing : I want to be able to record all the notes in spite of the different shades : pianissimo, fortissimo... etc... What a tough task to do... :o because I can "hear" into my head what I want to listen to, but the result is always beneath my expectations... :|
Shades are so important with the classical music to reach our emotional goal.
Thanks for sharing your music here John. Thanks for reading me too.:)
Août 08 2018 08:56:19
fanne your too kind Agness!<3if your in need to reach your goal I will try to help you, just shout! +1
via wikiloops radio
very nice :)+1
Superbe Agnès ! Cette piste n'attendait que ta harpe...Celtique !;)+1
Je viens d'écouter et franchement ça sonne. Bien joué Agnès !+1
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