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I was trying out some new equipment and recording setups, I basically record from a mic standing in front of my tube amp now). Also I am working on some playing techniques so I was looking for a nice blues type track - and found this one. Perfect :D So just a bit of fun, the guitar sound is so-so - need to work on that some more. Thanks for the cool template Andrea :W


Hey TG:)Awesome sound and play buddy,your new setup is perfect blues :W+1
Juillet 09 2018 10:42:00
TeeGee Thanks Pete! +1
Juillet 09 2018 10:41:49
TeeGee Thank you :) +1
Awesome leadwork Teegee!! got to love that sound and i love your feel on this one! :) :) 🎩 of! :D+1
Much better sound with the mic! :):)+1
Juillet 09 2018 10:41:27
TeeGee Well I am not entirely happy, it has that funny high frequency tinny sound that I had to remove, I used quite a few effects and equalized the shizzle out of it afterwards. But overall I think this is the way forward for me. +1
Juillet 09 2018 22:48:42
Gatorblue TeeGee. I like the tone you have here. Keep experimenting. Between my 10 guitars and six amps and ????? pedals I love to experiment. I've read that Page does all kinds of stuff when he records--puts an amp high on a shelf backwards, or in suitcase on it's side, or puts one mic in front and one in the bathroom down the hall 20 feet away--I sometimes use my direct stuff (Tech 21 and Roland COSM) but get my best stuff using a good old Shure 57 and combining it with stuff like condenser mic or one stuck facing the back wall. Keep us posted on what you try and how it works. -- Gator +2
Juillet 10 2018 10:27:07
frenzie I am lazy just putting sm57 in front of the speaker and move and rotate the mic but not to long do it lose and stick with what sounds ok, the play and mix will work out fine the pitfall can be searching for the non existing gem of sound and not get anywhere :D +1
Juillet 10 2018 11:10:07
TeeGee Lol if you find the tone you like, go for it quickly. The reason I am looking for a perticular tone is as such: I really need to have a fat tone and a good sustain out of the Strat. If I connect the guitar to the amp straight, without anything, it just sounds a bit thin and uninspiring to me. And it immediately affects my playing :/ . On the other hand, if the tone is and sustain is right, I just might get into a "mood" and something good might happen. So that's why I keep on playing with it :) +1
Juillet 10 2018 13:56:10
frenzie I always use a bit of drive from a drive pedal try it it's very cool to get more fat and sustain use the volume of the pedal to push the amp, it's not cheating they did it all over the 70's when I did not even saw a guitar haha +1
Juillet 11 2018 16:38:21
TeeGee I did use an Ibanez tube Screamer on this track (it is a Drive pedal, just different name). My amp is a 50W tube but I can't turn it up so I use the pedal to help, just as you said ;) +1
Juillet 11 2018 17:37:48
Gatorblue Yeah, when I was younger I was all about power, now I mainly play 15-25 watt amps and a couple of 40 watters for that very reason. There is no pedal that can replace natural tube OD and saturation. I've found the tube screamer works best with OD knob very low and Level very high, but I usually play Gibbe's so it may not be the same with a strat. -- Gator +2
Juillet 11 2018 18:55:59
frenzie Sounds we are all guitarplayers :O yeah got the ts pedal very cool indeed :) and big power is only needed in big rooms with loud drummers ouch my ears :D +0
Juillet 11 2018 19:04:10
frenzie Both strat nd gib are cool it's just different colour, I used to prefer Les paul now I dig the strat for the blues a tad more twangy ;) +0
Hey TeeGee, I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for joining:D+1
Juillet 09 2018 10:39:34
TeeGee Thank you, it was just the song I needed :) +0
Great play and great sound. But I have to admit that I can not hear different mics in front of an amp. That's probably because I work without real amplifiers. Now I know that I can learn to hear in your tracks :) In this sense: many thanks!+1
Juillet 09 2018 10:38:34
TeeGee Thanks man! I have been using a VOX tonelab ST to record up until the last 3 uploads, where I switched to recording "live" from my amp. The tonelab ST is an amp simulater, and is great for recording, but it had limitations, for instance I could either choose a compressor setting or a wahwah, but not both. and so on. And, when I wanted to play live it did not sound good through the amp. So I decided to build myself a pedal board with the following items: Tuner, Compressor, Distortion, Tubescreamer, Wahwah and delay. With these I will be able to do the same as before, but with the advantage that I can combine them however I like. One disadvantage of the live recording is that when recording late at night I have to turn the volume down, and that effects the sound quality. Playing loud is better :) +1
Juillet 09 2018 14:32:24
abuitremorem Many Thanks. I live in a multi-family house, because the volume is also a problem. I can well understand that you switched from Tonelab to a real rig with a pedalboard. My way up to now was a Boss JS10, then a GT100 pedalboard all without a real amp, and then at the end of my working life (to be retired soon) a Kemper - without an amp. This has pretty much all effect wishes on board, all possible amplifiers, settings and microphone types are copied. There are performances with 5 slots for different rigs with different amplifiers. In other words, I have to learn for the next few years. But just: I can only play real amplifiers in the music shop - and once with Charli56 at a jam in Zurich.:) +1
Juillet 09 2018 15:08:36
TeeGee How about you come to steinfeld? +1
Juillet 09 2018 15:59:55
abuitremorem Would like to come, but I move to Poland at the end of the month, and I do not know if Steinfeld is still possible for my finances. Must see ... +1
francisco al
ótimo trabalho de guitarra, amigo TeeGee+1
Juillet 09 2018 10:39:04
francisco al
TeeGee Thank you :) +0
Nicely played and great sound TeeGee:W+1
Juillet 09 2018 10:39:16
TeeGee Thanks :) +1
You new set up sounds great, TeeGee.. awesome playing too :W<3+1
Juillet 09 2018 14:24:39
TeeGee :) +0
wow this sounds really great and so well played blues TeeGee...;););)+1
Juillet 09 2018 17:06:23
TeeGee Thanks Slin :) +1
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