Bizarre Al Bazaar 2

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soulsushi82 jams

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Welcome to Bizzare Al Bazzaar...Feel free to look around--have a seat and take in the sound. Just sit relax and have some fun...we have everything you dreamed of under the sun!!!
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Ethnic, Middle Eastern, World


awesome my friend, has some nice arabic paradise atmosphere yeahhh <3:Y+2
Février 23 2018 09:56:32
Anon518 Yeah...i love Arabic :) +2
Février 23 2018 10:51:59
soulsushi Thanks very much, my friend!!! Someday, I hope to do a collab with you and Stella!!! It's always a treat to hear your stuff!!!<3:W<3 +1
Février 23 2018 19:12:15
jussef63 Sure bro, I will gladly collaborate with you anytime :) +1
Anon518 have an oud <3
Good fusion of sounds.
Février 23 2018 10:49:39
soulsushi I'm impressed that you recognize the sound of an oud...actually I don't own one...these are all samples I stung together...I was trying to see if I could fuse middle eastern, Brazilian and Caribbean musical elements along with some electronica...but you have a very sharp ear, my friend!!! Thanks for your many great contributions...I'm enjoying listening to both you and Jussef's collaborations and guys are really awesome!!! Much love!!!<3<3<3 +1
Very cool - I particularly like the second half :)+1
Mars 05 2018 08:38:56
soulsushi Thanks very much, Mr. Enth!!! Glad you're liking my stuff!!! :) +0
Mars 05 2018 23:47:56
GrooveEnth I am - normally you already have a bass though otherwise I would have joined a few more! :) This one is a distinct possibility.... +1
Mars 05 2018 23:58:22
soulsushi Yeah, I know what you mean...most of what I uploaded are 'complete' tunes I had recorded many years before Wikiloops...I now know, going forward, I need to keep parts open so great musicians like yourself can join & co-write the tune. But please add in whatever you can, whereever...Thanks very much, Mr. Enth!!! +1
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