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Another live jam with Chris Fenton of Walsh River. You all somehow liked the last one so will give you another.


I love it WADE! THIS is one of the elements that I ALWAYS look for but most of the time I don't find. UNPREDICTABILITY. And this has it.+2
Août 23 2017 22:03:50
Wade Hey, if I can't play well, may as well play differently! Thanks Kenny. So good to have you around again. +0
This track needs more listening to be fully understood. Your clever game and dissonances give the dynamics needed and it was not easy because the guitar did not offer great variations and so the work is entirely on your sax but in this, Wade, your mastery is well known. i like very much your flow.+1
Août 22 2017 21:37:02
Wade Thanks Stef for the listen and comment. Not sure if it's a good idea to be a musical enigma. Yes, I guess it's fairly dissonant. Not much to understand as there's nothing planned just a jam on a repeated strange phrase that dictated a rather dark mood. +1
very intense feeling!
Walsh River seems to be an extraordinary location!
Août 22 2017 21:41:47
Wade Hey Will! Going to be seeing you very soon! Walsh river where Chris lives is a remote bit of the Australian "outback". The river makes living there possible. Chris is a semi-scientific grower who has been crossing many generations of your favorite herb. This music is part of the result. He's your kind of guy! +1
Août 23 2017 18:06:43
will_C Yes Wade, I'm also looking forward to see you soon. Seems that you have ordered warm and shiny weather to go out for swimming. +1
yeah another good one Wade...;)<3;)+1
Août 22 2017 21:42:47
Wade Thanks Nils. Have been in touch with eGil about the possibility of a jam in Oslo. You up for it? +2
Août 23 2017 17:03:25
slin but it has to be on saturday or sunday... +1
Août 23 2017 21:52:20
Wade How about either the 9th or 10th of September? That's a Saturday and Sunday when I'll be around. No pressure...if it can't happen then it's OK. +1
Août 24 2017 16:25:39
slin for me both day is alright,so you can pick one... +1
Août 24 2017 22:12:46
Wade Saturday is probably better. Can you check with eGil to see if that's OK with him as well? Anyone else who you'd like to invite? +1
Mr. Fenton provide a nice canvas. Lovely piece.+1
Août 22 2017 21:44:39
Wade Thanks Frankie. I think he's playing a borrowed phrase from John McLaughlin. Doesn't go anywhere, but it's thankfully a short piece. +1
Août 23 2017 08:59:07
FrankieJ I get the feeling you two have been jammin together for awhile. +1
Août 23 2017 22:01:38
Wade It's been a few years we've played together , but not often. Maybe 3 to 4 times a year for the last 8 years. As a sax player I'm dependent on someone else who is carrying the chordal structure and rhythm. So one listens very carefully and I watch their hands/fingers for clues. You get so that you know their style and chord choices after a while so that there's a fit. I spent a few years dong a "once a week" open mike night as part of a backing group, so got used to listening carefully and fitting in with whatever anyone would come in and play/sing. Ears plus watching hands of bass, guitar or keys gives me most of the clues I need. +1
Août 24 2017 20:07:58
FrankieJ I can relate to everything you describe here. Back in the day when not working with a rehearsed group I would get calls to 'fill-in' as lead guitar. Most of the time I did not know their material and had to watch the bass man or rhythm guitar for keys and such. And thank goodness for the numbers system :)
I miss those days. Challenging and fun :)
You both really a great team Wade !! Enjoyed this one too :)+1
Août 22 2017 21:45:39
Wade Cheers Franky. Glad you like. +0
Lenny Cowler
Août 23 2017 22:05:19
Lenny Cowler
Wade Cheers Lenny. Wish I could be doing some stuff that you could join in on, but I'm afraid that the rhythms in this (and others) are too unpredictable (crappy). +0
wonderfultone and atmosphere wade:)+1
Août 23 2017 22:05:45
Wade Cheers PJE. So glad you checked it out and like. +1
a pleasure to listen to here ;o)+1
Août 26 2017 12:17:50
Wade So glad that you added to this and gave it another dimension. +1
very intersting music!+1
Août 26 2017 12:18:13
Wade Thanks Claudia. See you soon +0
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