WL Piano/Ocarina Medley

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Remix step I
Elijah Sivad
United States
Elijah Sivad 13 jams

Il n'y a pas encore de remix de cette session !
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21 juil. 2017
I posted this earlier, but the ending was chopped out! What the deuce?!? I have no idea why because I checked the whole thing beforehand and it worked all the way through. So...no clue. Anyway, thank you everyone for all of your awesome music and I hope you'll enjoy my remix. My Ocarina part starts at about one minute.
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Very interesiting choice of instrument. I really like the part from 2:09 very much. Thanks for joining, Elijah! +1
21 juillet 2017 à 21:14
Elijah Sivad
Elijah Sivad My pleasure! The piece was in my favorite key...so I just had to add a remix :D +1
Elijah Sivad
Sorry about that Abu and Don_T. Something weird happened...the computer wasn't loading properly and I couldn't hear the music play...so I don't know. At least the whole song loaded this time. Geez... :) +0
Elijah Sivad
Don had asked what an Ocarina was:
An Ocarina is a woodwind instrument usually made of ceramic or wood with holes like a flute and a mouthpiece to blow into. Usually an oval shape.
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wikiloops is great! I already have some toons ready when I get the audio interface.
barrtrek from United States

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