Angel of sorrow 2(full mix)

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Major 3rd
awesome!!! love the intro chords and the nice build up! slayer!! Gotta check the adds on this....great tune and sound! :W+1
Juin 09 2017 11:43:17
Major 3rd
Gelo Thanks Mayor +0
hey i put the complete version y screw on the other upload wrong mix but i hope you like+0
Sounds great Gelo !! :W+0
Juin 13 2017 07:06:46
Gelo Hey thanksfranky i love creating things for you guys please i you feel i need to brush on somthing i am adult i welcome any good or bad feed back that helps me go on the coorrect an do better with no bad feelings +1
Good track gelo but its a bit heavy for my vocal abilities...i could attempt it but i'll end up sounding like ive been gargling razor blades for the next few weeks lol.. :)+0
Mai 22 2017 21:20:58
Gelo amigo you dont have to scream a mellow riff smooth vocal like yours has the raspy cornell,kravtitz mix sound see it look at these has a of way of wondering in to a new ground im sure you do super regardless of what people may thing the moment a heard you at that perticular song i say "this guy can upgrade any song " +1
Mai 22 2017 23:00:43
TEE-KWA I've put it on my list...I don't get a lot of time these day's looking after the grandchildren 4 days a week but I will have a crack at it at some point...;) +0
Mai 22 2017 23:05:51
Gelo rocking grampa cool no rush my friend wen ever you can dude gracias +1
Fabricio L
Fantastic add! If I could , 2 likes :W+0
Mai 22 2017 23:07:16
Fabricio L
Gelo thanks +1
Fabricio L
Mai 31 2017 07:50:32
Fabricio L
Gelo Love it +1
increiblemente espectacular Gelo :W mis felicitaciones,amigo+0
Mai 31 2017 00:39:55
Gelo gracias +1
francisco al
Ontem a internet estava ruim. hoje eu posso te ouvir. boa produção, Gelo+0
Mai 31 2017 00:40:28
francisco al
Gelo thanks my friend +0
Buena rola Gelo, me hiciste recordar los buenos cotorreos , saludos soy el Rigotj \m/+0
Août 04 2017 03:47:30
Gelo Que bueno que ya estas aquí quiero que la plebe te conozca wey +0
Escucha la 101943+0
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