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This is dedicated to my beautiful Mom Lois who passed away this week. I'm broken-hearted, but using music to heal.


My condolences.+1
via wikiloops radio
Great playing here!!!!:D+1
Mai 02 2017 19:07:59
Leftdaloops1019 would like to include in a Radio show I'm putting together for my local Public radio station---if that is OK?:) +0
Mai 02 2017 19:12:06
1trumpet Absolutely! +1
Mai 02 2017 19:15:24
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks So much! It's in Corpus Christi Texas, and based on music from wikiloops. My goal is to gain interest from the Music departments--3 in my city to send their students(Especially Horns and brass and Keys Vocalist to start to play here) +0
My deep condolences Rich! I once listened you played for her, during her struggle, and now I listen this one. It's so wonderful how you poured your feeling into this song, with a very strong emotion, I'm sure it reaches her somehow, as I believe music is a spiritual thing...thank you for sharing this beauty!+1
My condolences too. You are my inspiration for trumpet playing.+1
francisco al
ótimo. muito bonito, 1trumpet+1
Marcelo D
Hi my friend.
I can only imagine how deep is the pain of your loss just by hearing you playing.
Its so full of feelings.
You made an incredible add. Maybe the best I've heard from you.
Last week Alice lost her nephew and used one of my songs to celebrate his life.
At this moment I can only thank God and the angels above us that my songs are being used for such noble reasons.
For me its worth more than one million thumbs.
It means that the songs and melodies we created together are not only reaching people at this world but outside here too.
I hope this song feels like a hug for your mother spirit.
Stay strong.
Mai 03 2017 01:23:36
Marcelo D
1trumpet Thank you for your kind words, and for sharing your amazing talent with all of us. When my Mom was first diagnosed, I recorded another one of your songs and played it for my mom. It brought both tears and smiles to her. It was fitting that I found another of your beautiful songs to play for my mom now that her journey is over. I know she is smiling over us all in heaven. +2
Mai 03 2017 01:45:06
Marcelo D
Marcelo D I feel really honored for making part of such a beautiful love story between a mother and her son. Thank you so much. +0
My condolences. Your wonderful playing is healing indeed.+0
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