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Stupid crap us Americans put in our yards for "effect" I'm done...Playin my horn this afternoon. Thanks to DaFunky and Danalyze. I added sax up to about 2:22 in, and left room for another musician before Danalyze comes in for the finale :)


Awesome sax line my friend ;)+1
Mai 01 2017 03:16:34
Fishinmissio Thanks Mario..I see your using Audacity..I'm trying to acclimate myself to Music Maker again..:) +1
Mai 01 2017 11:20:27
GlezBass If I still with Audacity, I changed the hard drive and I find it lazy to reinstall Cubase, it's better DAW but with Audacity I do what interests me and load faster he he :) +0
Really like the way you slide into this one Mark.
Real nice playing as always mate :)
Mai 01 2017 03:28:51
Fishinmissio Just goin with it..:) +1
I don't know what Barkdust is...but if it sounds like this, I want the CD :) Love the soul you put into your playing on this. The coolness factor is inspiring :)+1
Mai 01 2017 15:19:44
Fishinmissio It's ground up tree bark that we put in flower beds for appearance sake :) +0
Gorgeous song and sax.
Don't worry about the stupid people. They have the power to spread everywhere throughout the world...not only in America ;):)
Mai 01 2017 03:11:24
Marcelo D
Fishinmissio WEll..I guess my thoughts are..Is it really worth it? (The Barkdust effort) +0
Mai 01 2017 13:06:49
Marcelo D
Marcelo D Down here at South America we don't use that. We rather use a type of decorative stone, like river stones. They won't prevent the weed to grow but it's beautiful, affordable and don't need to buy again and again.
Barkdust seems to me more like an aesthetic fashionist solution than something that really works...
This thing is used, among other stuff, for prevent the weed growth. I say let the weed grow _\|/_ :D ;)
Super playing+0
Nice Sax Mark.+0
Just found this one-what a cool add you did here Mark. :W<3:W
Great job by everyone on this<3
Very cool Mark+0
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