Pedra Branca + Baixo

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Il n'y a pas encore de remix de cette session !
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Oh Marcelo! :) You got these ol' viking hips moving today! :D Probably overplayed, and certainly not 100%, but i had fun! :)


francisco al
muito bom, eGil+1
Avril 30 2017 23:50:23
francisco al
eGiL Thank you Francisco :) +0
yeah, super :):)+1
Avril 30 2017 23:50:32
eGiL Most kind Andrea :) +0
For me have a great sound and played bass eGiL ;)+1
Avril 30 2017 23:59:25
eGiL Hehe, it's so hard to get the right volume :D I bought an Ampeg SCR-DI preamp i'm trying out, really like it :) Thanks for having a listen! :) +1
Mai 01 2017 00:02:58
GlezBass In my showcase has my systems of recording from less to greater complexity, and in the last jams I included the complete technical information of how to record the jam, from the EQ of the instrument to the digital edition in case it serves to the loopers in its projects +1
Marcelo D
Oh my :D I can only imagine these old viking hips dancing xaxado hahahaha lol 😂😂😂😂😂.
By the way its a great result. You can push up more the volume of the bass if you want because its an awesome line you did here.
Thanks for joining :)
Mai 01 2017 08:42:15
Marcelo D
eGiL Hehe, was a blast! :) Do you have more songs where you play the accordion as well? :) +1
Mai 01 2017 12:50:02
Marcelo D
Marcelo D Hahahaha. It was my first. I am a newbie playing the accordion. I will record some more for sure. It's a super groovy kind of instrument. Since I have just begun to play it I wish to make a lot of good songs using it;):) +1
Vikings pick the oddest tunes to dance to......
maybe after all that blood letting and 90% tax
they need an accordian to soothe them!
You need to move to Tejas and join a Tejano Band
Your hips would never stop, you might even want to switch to tuba for your lowness!:Y:Y:Y:Y LOUDER, or else you'll never make the Tejano circuit! There are 300lb sexy women waiting for you!!!! here!
Mai 01 2017 18:10:41
eGiL Hahahahhahahahaha :D :D :D +0
Mai 01 2017 18:30:05
Leftdaloops1019 it'd be gator and bacon all the time!:o +1
Excellent lines. More volume please.+1
Mai 03 2017 21:58:27
eGiL Thanks, sounded almost too loud in my headphones...those darn lower frequencies :p will make a remix :) +1
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