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I composed this a few weeks ago. I wanted to sing on it and do a better remix but no time before holidays. It would be great, if someone could do a singing or an instruments solo anyway :) I´ve forgotten exact chords and tempo - maybe 80 bpm? :) Greetings and Hugs from Mallorca to all loopers :)


how lovely Marc,those sounds that flow so beautifully.:)+1
Mars 16 2017 18:32:20
Liesching Thank you very much, Shi! :) +1
Lovely track :) very much enjoying this play :) I do hear a bit of funny distortion . you can here it at 40 and 125 for example. Just letting ya know :)+1
Mars 13 2017 21:54:27
Liesching Thank you, Chris! I´m in Spain right now, no chance for a good remix with no equipment but my old laptop. :) Thanks +0
Sehr tragend und nachdenklich stimmende Musik. Wie immer hörenswert!!! Tolle Dynamik, Film Musik meiner Meinung. Spitze Marc!! :)+1
Mars 16 2017 18:31:59
Liesching Danke Dir, Adu! +1
Marcelo D
Gorgeous. A bless for the ears. Thanks for sharing your art my friend:)+1
Mars 16 2017 18:31:47
Marcelo D
Liesching Gracias, Marcelo! +0
wonderful track with so many colors and different emotions along the way :) yes better mix needed ;)+1
Mars 16 2017 20:25:41
Liesching Merci, mon ami! :) +1
Hey Marc, fantastic, so beautiful ...:)
Are you in Mallorca?, I hope it is doing good weather, here in Alicante, we have torrential rains
Mars 13 2017 22:33:34
Liesching Thanks Xavi! The weather was very fine until Saturday. Almost sunny and up to 23 degrees!! I love your country, my friend :D +1
Mars 13 2017 22:48:09
ivax :D someday I have to visit Germany, really, I've never traveled outside of Spain +1
Mars 13 2017 22:51:46
Liesching When you come to Munich you´ll be my guest and we´ll have much fun drinking good bavarian beer and jammin together the neighbours out of their beds :D +2
Mars 13 2017 22:58:58
ivax :D:D je,je!!! a pleasure :D thanks my dear Marc...Here in Elche you also have a friend who you can visit ;) +1
Beautiful song <3+1
Mars 16 2017 18:31:24
Liesching Merci, Arno! +1
Another beautiful and creative work from you. Your chord structure/changes are amazing. Have tried many times to fit and find that whatever I'm doing lessens the beauty of what's there. Some day I'll hopefully match and fit with your unique music.+1
Mars 14 2017 07:40:40
Liesching Thanks Wade. I cannot imagine your unique sax playing lessen a beauty. But I know what you mean. In some compositions I use up to 7 keys and change harmonies quite often. Plus I like picardic changes from minor to major a lot. This makes it not easier to jam along for others. A shame, because I'd love to hear the typical wade sax on it. I think it would be a great match. +1
Mars 14 2017 07:52:32
Wade My problem is the one note at a time thing. What I'd prefer to do is spin a melodic line. That means that I must be able to hear and anticipate those changes melodically and not just be reading/interpreting them as cut and paste jazz licks within the chord changes. I'm also lazy and don't give most music the hours of listening it would take to be 100% familiar. I do return to your pieces though and hope that somehow they will eventually sink in and I'll just be able to play as though it's an old knowledge. I got close recently, but still didn't think it worthy. Will keep trying. +1
Fantastic Play !!+1
Mars 16 2017 18:31:09
Liesching Thanks WP! +0
A very colorful work Marc... always enjoy these beautiful piano pieces. The change at 1:45 is awesome :)+1
Mars 22 2017 06:47:59
Liesching Thanks Bruce! +0
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