1. Novembre 13 2020
    World remix par Ivanovitch avec josepssv Piste # 203034
    Meaox Meoaux


I learn with my friends. Thanks friends.
I like very much specially my experience in Waterval band
Volcano Project

I like graves sounds and noises
I love the human voice, jazz and world music
The rhythm is my route
The melody is my love



This josepssv avatar use technological instruments that I made same Solsticio
I use also Ringz tuner - H. James Harkins,
I work about SoundCipher (Nice numbers midi!) and Processing.
My other avatar, pph17, only use primitive, wild instruments.

I search balanced primitive and technological instruments

recording devices

I would like to be rich to have a quiet and soundproof studio.
My recordings are poor, however ....

The virtual sound .. no need recorder.
I am free!!!!


Mai 5 2015

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