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  1. Novembre 20 2022
    Classical jam avec remix par cmdr_chill à la Clavier Piste # 256559
    Passage to a New Land
    de Trommelkloppe & cmdr_chill
  2. Novembre 12 2022
    Pop jam avec remix par cmdr_chill à la Clavier & Violine Piste # 255951
    C What You Gave Us
  3. Novembre 08 2022
    Blues jam avec remix par cmdr_chill à la Basse, Clavier & Vocals Piste # 255625
    My last goodbye

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Bach, Cream, Frank Zappa, early Roxy Music and too many others to mention.

Looking for like-minded souls to collaborate with in creating and recording some original music.


I own this lot below and getting to grips with it doesn't leave me hankering after anything else right now. I also sing.
Shure SM58 mic
Yamaha BB1100S bass with flatwound strings,
Fender Squire 6-string
Evolution MK-149 MIDI keyboard

recording devices

Cubase 7.5 with built-in plugins. My ears :^)


Janvier 4 1955

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