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  1. Janvier 14 2023
    Pop jam avec remix par WildGoat à la Vocals Piste # 260785
    What would it be like
  2. Janvier 13 2023
    Blues jam avec remix par WildGoat à la Vocals Piste # 260679
    I Come back Crawlin'

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I am originally from Glsasgow, Scotland. My family moved around a bit (England, Spain, Toronto and Bermuda). I started to learn Guitar in Bermuda and nature took it's course and with a few friends started a band "The Fringe". Since the music scene there was good we perfomed quite a bit. I decided to make a move from Bermuda and move to Canada 1969. The perverbial Volkswagon Bug broke down in Winnipeg and I fell in love with the city. The music scene was hot hot hot. The band ... now "Laughing Boy" Toured and played everywhere. My stint in Winnipeg went for 13 years. But now it was time to make a move. I landed in Kelowna B.C. The 40 years i lived there was also great. Although I wasn't playing out that much I still kept up with the chops and performed when I could. Recording became a passion and deviled into to with gusto. About 5 years ago (2017) "Westbank Studios" became a reality and the recording bug hit big time. There was quite a few musicians who would come and Jam from all over (Vancouver- Bermuda-Calgary-Winnipeg-Peachland-Pentiction) and recorded weekly. Collectively called "L.Q.D". We ended up recording three albums. The Fourth album was self titled "The Wild Goat". I now live in Port Coquitlam and lovin' it. During these trying times playing out is quite sparce. Right now I am building another Studio in Po-Co with my life long friend Ozzie. As long as there is breath in my soul I will keep writing and performing Music. Hope you enjoy ... Cheers. Billy


Play mostly guitar and vocals but dabble in Bass,Keys and mandoline. Way too many guitars. No wait that's a wrong statement. Not enough guitars. My favorite 1971 Fender Stratocaster. White with maple neck.

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Cakewalk with a Steinberg UR22C. Suhr Reactive load I.R. Ibanez TSA15H head Line 6 POD. For vocals Rode NT1.

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