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  1. Février 14 2014
    Rock jam avec remix par Slimdaver à la Vocals Piste # 15243
    Well My Baby - Vocals to Open D Tune
  2. Mars 12 2013
    Rock jam avec remix par Slimdaver à la Guitare Piste # 8216
    Outer Space with Guitar Solo
  3. Décembre 14 2012
    Rock jam avec remix par Slimdaver à la Guitare Piste # 7001
    Hey Mama You Wait Too Long with Dist. Guitar

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I'm mostly a father, a farmer, and work at a farm equipment dealership. When I'm supposed to be doing those things I play guitar and post stuff here on wikiloops. Stylistically I tend to lean toward rock, but I'm open to just about any type of music. I really enjoy true organic real life sounds. My approach to wikiloops is often in the form of song writing. I also enjoy just getting in on the odd jam. I guess my strength would be finding the rhythm in playing rhythm guitar. I like to pull back a bit on the exact beat to find the groove.


1992 USA Fender Telecaster, 2011 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Fender Champ 25 Se amp, Seagull Acoustic Guitars.

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Yamaha Audiogram 6, AKG Perception 120 mic, Reaper software.


Avril 8 1973

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