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  1. Novembre 10 2020
    Electronic jam avec remix par MikeB à la Batterie, Basse & Clavier Piste # 202783
    DrumNBass Club #120
    de MikeB
  2. Novembre 10 2020
    Electronic jam avec remix par MikeB à la Clavier, Basse & Clavier Piste # 202780
    de MikeB
  3. Novembre 04 2020
    Electronic jam avec remix par MikeB à la Clavier, Basse & Batterie Piste # 202367
    Nice Day for Desert Cycle Racing
    de MikeB

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Grew up in houston suburbs, went to college. Landed a computer job in college. Worked along those lines for a number of years.
Now retired. Focused on music, family.

Influences are wide and include the likes of 70's n 80's rock n' rollers, dub-reggae, bluegrass, jazz, and current trends in electronic music.
Nowadays, I listen to whatevers rotating on Bandcamp, wikiloops radio.


Tenor ukulele. Jazzmaster guitar.

Full size keyboard workstation. 49 and 32 key midi keyboards.

I played bass guitar in some college bands. Now, having graduated to keyboards and smaller stringed instruments.

I believe my true calling is to someday have a vibraphone and skills to boot.

recording devices

Mac notebook hooked up to 49 midi keyboard, 32 key midi keys,
soundbox, some midi controllers. iPad syncs are incorporated as well.
All of my contributions are computer generated. Using various daws and vst instruments for different activities.

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"I's lot of fun listening to music here and even much more fun adding own music to the wonderful tracks from the community. Therefore I'm supporter!"

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