1. Juillet 31 2022
    Funk jam avec remix par Mastiff à la Batterie Piste # 249073
    Minor Minority+
    de JMB65 & Mastiff
  2. Juillet 25 2022
    Blues jam avec remix par Mastiff à la Batterie Piste # 248787
    This curry’s hot
  3. Juillet 13 2022
    Rock jam avec remix par Mastiff à la Batterie Piste # 248070
    de Riffraff & Mastiff


Hey Loopers. So glad I found this site. I'm an amateur drummer from Arizona, and this has been a fantastic place to help build my skills and collaborate with supportive people. You may think your playing is good, but you never know until you record yourself and give a listen. I'm new to recording, and pretty much everything I've ever recorded has gone up to this site. I'm not proud of it all, but I think I'm continuing to improve. I tend to try to play what I have in my head rather than limit myself to what I can nail every time, so stuff has rough edges.

My goal is mostly to get better at playing, not hacking audio in the DAW, so I try to keep my stuff as raw as possible and keep it to one take if possible. Everyone has their own philosophy on that, but at a point you might as well just program the drums instead of playing.

My setup has evolved in the short time I've been on the site. I have a small recording space, but I've upgraded to a nice Sonor kit, and my mics and gear is good enough that I now have nobody to blame but myself for how things come out. My space is a bit small, but it's well treated.

Musically I like all flavors of rock. I listen to some jazz and fusion, but I don't often try to play that. Lately my taste leans to metal and progressive metal, but my skills aren't quite to the point where I can fully partake. I do enjoy putting drums to templates with odd times or shifting signatures.

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