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  1. Avril 17 2018
    Metal remix par Haffast avec KellsBells Piste # 135724
    Inside of Me
  2. Mars 30 2018
    Folk jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Vocals Piste # 134074
    Take Me Away
    de Koldov & KellsBells
  3. Mars 30 2018
    Unplugged remix par Koldov avec KellsBells Piste # 134034
    All I have left.... is yours....
    de KellsBells & Koldov
  4. Février 27 2017
    Unplugged remix par Haffast avec KellsBells Piste # 99402
    The Wylde Witching Hour
  5. Juin 20 2016
    Rock jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Mix Piste # 76176
    The Hunger Re-Vamped
  6. Mai 24 2016
    Rock jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Mix Piste # 73852
    Touch the Sun II (remix)
  7. Mars 26 2016
    Pop jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Mix Piste # 68347
    You Left Me (Again)
  8. Février 03 2016
    Metal remix par shumdrummer avec KellsBells Piste # 63618
    Skin Crawler Remix
  9. Janvier 29 2016
    Classical jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Vocals Piste # 63121
    Until The Light Fades
    de Liesching & KellsBells
  10. Décembre 09 2015
    Blues jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Vocals Piste # 57703
    Someone Other Than Me
  11. Octobre 06 2015
    Shuffle jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Vocals Piste # 51731
    Non Omnis Moriar
    de woXey & KellsBells
  12. Septembre 10 2015
    Classical jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Vocals Piste # 49377
    Abandon All Hope
    de Liesching & KellsBells
  13. Août 20 2015
    Unplugged jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Vocals Piste # 47804
    Turn Back the Hands of Time
    de hurzel & KellsBells
  14. Août 19 2015
    Unplugged jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Vocals Piste # 47738
    Fall From Grace
  15. Août 02 2015
    Metal remix par Herman420 avec KellsBells Piste # 46544
    Hold you under (I can't breathe)
  16. Mai 29 2015
    Blues jam avec remix par KellsBells à la Vocals Piste # 41174

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I am a fan of music. Music has never abandoned me. Music has never allowed me to feel empty. Music MAKES me feel something whether it be unbearable sadness, overwhelming joy, love, sorrow, pain, extreme rage or uninhibited bliss. Even when I didn't want to feel anything at all, music MADE me feel alive. Music saved my life. Music made me who I am. I AM because of music. I not only hear the music but I can feel the energy from each musician hammering out their own demons either in their vocals or on their instruments. I appreciate the fact that they are willing to get out there and share that pain/love/raw emotion with me. I can feel it. Music creates an instant connection between the performer and the listener and that makes it all more special. Independent music seems to have stronger energy in it...people live for their music, they are starving artists and they starve just so they can do what they love...and in turn I love them for it. It is raw and exactly what they are wanting people to hear.

I'm a fan of all music. I don't have a certain type that I like,I have some that I am partial to but if the melody hits me I don't care what genre it is. Some of my favorites are anywhere from Alice in Chains, Mad Season, Pantera, Down, Soundgarden, Bastille, P!nk, Mazzy Star down to Mark Lanegan and groups like Sparklehorse and some of the lesser known acts that put out such wonderful tunes from heavy metal to brit-pop. I don't need labels...just the music. Wink

I'm shy about joining this group is stepping outside my comfort zone. Very few people have heard me sing. But I'm pushing myself to do something new. Hope you enjoy my tracks.



Play: (kind of) guitar, bass, violin

Own: 1 acoustic guitar, 1 acoustic/electric guitar, 2 violins, 3 electric guitars, 2 electric bass and one acoustic/electric bass guitar.

recording devices

Recording setup? hahaha

I use (feel free to laugh) the free version of Audacity on an Acer Laptop and I sing into (no joke) a Guitar Hero microphone I got at a yard sale for a dollar.

Sad truth. But I try to make the best of what I have. PLEASE please feel free to send me links to vocal programs and anything you think may help me and the ram-shackled setup I currently use.

Update: New Mic- Blue Yeti. smile.gif


Juillet 12 1979

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