Hi I'm Tom.
I'm Irish, French and Cherokee. Born in the US. Living in Mexico now. I have the most wonderful wife on Earth... I am such a lucky man!! I'm a Delta Blues guitarist, bassist, singer, songwriter & programmer. However I will play just about any type of music. I never was into music for the money. Not a professional but I do love recording music. I've been playin' since I was 17 and gave up music entirely for 19 years when I was 36. 3 little boys meant no time for music. Sold all my gear and for the next 19 years I believed I would never play again. Then my son gave me a Les Paul and I was hooked again. It was frustrating because I couldn't play at all and had forgotten just about everything I knew. But I worked hard to get back to playing like I did before I gave it up. Wikiloops really made me a million times better than before. I've been on Wikiloops for 10 years as MajorTom_III & Jody Tripp.

Musicians that influenced me:
Eric Clapton, Leslie West, Freddie King, Jack Bruce, Felix Pappalardi, Early Neil Young, Gregg Allman, Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, early Joe Cocker, Gary Moore, Carlos Santana, Ginger Baker

Favorite Bands:
Dream Theater, Allman Brothers Band, Derek & the Dominoes, Mountain with Felix Pappalardi, Bad Company, Cry of Love with Kelly Holland, Joe Walsh, Chicago with Terri Kath, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Foreigner, CSN&Y, Santana, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kansas, Cream

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