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  1. Octobre 24 2020
    Blues jam avec remix par JodyTripp à la Vocals Piste # 201359
    Boy You Got The Blues In You
  2. Septembre 06 2020
    Unplugged jam avec remix par JodyTripp à la Guitare Acoustique, Violoncelle & Violine Piste # 197854
  3. Août 05 2020
    HipHop jam avec remix par JodyTripp à la Guitare, Violine & Mix Piste # 195911
    Baroque +
  4. Octobre 02 2019
    Rock jam avec remix par JodyTripp à la Guitare Piste # 172779
    You Don't Matter To Me
  5. Septembre 04 2019
    Blues jam avec remix par JodyTripp à la Vocals Piste # 170887
    Slip And Slide Blues
    de JodyTripp & JodyTripp
  6. Août 22 2019
    Blues jam avec remix par JodyTripp à la Vocals & Mix Piste # 170029
    Will I Ever Love Again ?
  7. Juillet 27 2019
    Blues jam avec remix par JodyTripp à la Vocals & Guitare Piste # 168271
    What's A Poor Boy To Do ?
  8. Juillet 25 2019
    Rock jam avec remix par JodyTripp à la Vocals Piste # 168129
    Let Your Love Rain Down
  9. Juillet 02 2019
    Electronic jam avec remix par JodyTripp à la Vocals Piste # 166570

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Hi I'm Tom (cody tripp, MajorTom_III)

I started playing guitar in 1968 after hearing Cream's 'White Room'. I walked across the street to my friend's house and traded 2 aquariums for his electric guitar. I was in several blues, blues/rock bands until 1983 and NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think I would play any other type of music because I thought all other types were crap. In 1988 I got divorced and the courts gave me custody of my 3 little sons. Gave up guitar and music completely for 19 years....never thought I would play again and gave all of my gear away. In 2006 my son gave me a Les Paul and I was hooked again. I had to learn how to play all over GRRRR. It was frustrating because I had lost all my speed and technique and many solo patterns I had come up with I now had forgotten. But I kept at it and it took 4 years before I felt I was back to playing like I use to. About a year or two later I discovered Wikiloops. That changed my whole world. Now I was interested in playing any and every type of music...well except for rap, opera and death metal. I appreciated so many styles of music. Started writing and recording music like a mad man. I guess being without something you love, for so long, drives you crazy. SO thankful for my son who gave me the Les Paul and of course Wikiloops.


GUITAR: Leslie West, Peter Green, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Carlos Santana, Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, Kerry Livgren, Phil Keaggy
BASS: Felix Pappalardi, Jack Bruce
VOCALS: Freddie King, Joe Cocker, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Kelly Holland, Gregg Allman, Paul Rodgers, Ronnie James Dio
SONGWRITING: Neil Young, Bad Company, Mike Oldfield, Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cry of Love, Joe Walsh, Lennon/McCartney.
FAVORITE BAND: Dream Theater


Guitar, bass, vocals, songwriting & programming

recording devices

Gibson SG or Fender Strat, Boss ME 80 or ZOOM G5 multi effects pedals, Blue baby bottle condenser mic, Focusrite scarlett 2i2 interface. I run everything through a HP Envy laptop with Audacity and Sansui 9090DB or Sansui G-6000 stereo receiver with JBL 4312 Studio Monitors

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