Early Impacts

Early Impacts
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Coming from my very humble beginnings, these are the early tracks which have had a significant impact on me. These tracks either taught me, surprised me, gave me great pride, or otherwise helped me grow. I am very grateful to each of the musicians for their contributions to these tracks. None of this is possible without the individual time, interest and commitment of each musician.

I tried to give the album a bit of a flow of course; contract, release, etc, building to what is the centerpiece for me: "Yo, Grim Lenny!" and brought it back down to the nice, stable, if not political stepping of "Cadence of the Deaf Government".

There will definitely be more to come, as there are a number of other collaborations I will be going through and cataloging within other genres / albums. I could never thank all of you enough for all I've learned and enjoyed during my time here on the Loops- hoping for a lot more! Hope you dig. Thanks for listening! B-) B427 créé par B427 on 06/05/2017

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Great Bryan


Chronique par ivax le 06/04/2017

Awesome Album,thanks my friend :D

Coolness...Mr B..


Chronique par davidaustin le 05/19/2017

Always a pleasure listening to anything you do, great tracks Bryan, and thanks for including me.


Chronique par SupJax le 08/31/2017

bass additions you want to have. B427 supports jamtracks from beginning to end without upstaging former expressions. he completes jamways into final moments, that we all looking for, celebrating what's done so far.
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