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While the World by josepssv

While the World

While the World
À propos de cet album

While the band makes its album Waterval World, between June and October, at the same time formed this music. Free music in our open rehearsal room
josepssv créé par josepssv on 23 nov. 2016

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Thank you very much


Chronique par abuitremorem le 23 nov. 2016

I'm glad to be part of this album. Above all, I am glad to have met José in Wikiloops and that I could play with him and all my friends. José has a shaping power that goes beyond individual tracks. Thank you very much.



Chronique par SupJax le 5 juin 2019

musical adventures from start to end. If you're hungry, this is your drive-in. A colorful box cooked by fair strangers;)

Splendid tunes collection - Thanks!


Chronique par Funkystan le 24 nov. 2016

Thanks a lot my friend, I'm very pleased to be one part of this bunch of tracks you like. Kind people and great musicians here! I do hope on your next album we'll have a collab track together! Many thanks^^

puuuh ;o)


Chronique par Uloisius le 23 nov. 2016

Wonderful collection of Music here ;o) I am very happy to be part of it ;o)

maestro underground y genialidad total


Chronique par ivax le 23 nov. 2016

Josep...Gracias por incluirme en tu album,mientras tanto el mundo,como bien dices,Tanto talento es apetecible descargar el album



Chronique par will_C le 23 nov. 2016

Very beautiful collection, José! It contains very colorful sound constructions. Many thanks for this gift!

thank you ...


Chronique par AKchen le 23 nov. 2016

.. for this many-sided album, love to be a part of music with all you fantastic musicians :) also love the nightblue cover .. great José !! I will download it and show it Bella :)
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