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Full Circle and Back

Full Circle and Back
à propos de cet album:
In 2005 I crawl away from music, entirely.
In 2015 I jump back in and find myself in
a wonderful place called Wikiloops.

Thanks to all my friends here for helping make
another album possible.
FrankieJ créé par FrankieJ on 11/08/2016

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A 6-string melodic circle


Chronique par StJray le 09/25/2021

A nice variety of musicians and styles ... all well cracked in the FranckieJ way ... Gorgeous! BRAVO À TOUS, Ray

So many great treacks here.


Chronique par Wade le 09/25/2021

Such a delight to hear so many wonderful tracks I'd missed. Frankie is one great talent who is capable of playing so many styles...all superbly.

Magic "Guitar" Frankie


Chronique par Stef le 11/09/2016

Wonderful tracks by an wonderful guitar player. Thank you for this great album. Always a great joy when my keys meet your extraordinary guitar.

Great musician!


Chronique par Marceys le 11/09/2016

Hey Frankie! Everytime you upload a track people just know it will be cool! You play with a great technique and supercool feeling! Love your tracks and i am proud to be on your compilation! cheers, Marc

Six Strings King


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 11/09/2016

Acoustic, electric, rock, blues, latin, fusion...
Always the right choice for adding the magical touch.
Let there be guitar !
So proud to share some tracks with you.
Waiting for others to come, for sure :)

Yeah Man!


Chronique par Ernie440 le 11/09/2016

Any time Frankie is laying it down, it's a good track and these selections show that to be true. Wow, hearing some of this stuff for the first time. Great tracks!! Way to go Frankie.

A wonderful selection of songs


Chronique par GlezBass le 11/09/2016

A real pleasure and an honor to participate in this selection of these wonderful songs from such an excellent musician, a really nice album to listen. The lines of both acoustic and electric guitar are sensitive, played with great mastery and taste. Thumbs
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