Album E2

Album E2
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My thanks go out to my Fellow Friends in Music who made this Album possible: wikiloops roolz!!Babbazitt créé par Babbazitt on 07/17/2016

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Rickplayer gnoerreby Babbazitt hurzel Uloisius cschlote akethesnaker SlonMusic Shi MajorTom_III JDF Ernie440 rp3drums piper Girard adu onewholeft Dafunkydrummer Stef Wade KaiPlan AKchen

Great Talent and Friendship


Chronique par JDF le 07/15/2016

It is very cool that you compiled an album, that is not only full of great, talented people, but also these people on wikiloops are all humble, down to earth people, that amaze on a daily basis, for not only their talent, but for the kindness they show and the love they all have for what we all have in common. Thank you for including me on the album. Very cool :)

Cool Album..


Chronique par adu le 07/14/2016

...that shows your creativity. Thanks for your everytime great
accompaniment and for that I could participate in this album.

Greez Adu :)

Wonderful diversity


Chronique par Wade le 07/18/2016

Excellent group of tracks showing your diversity. Especially like your track Pamland and Frozen Valentine.

An honor to be included on one of these tracks. Thanks.


Chronique par AKchen le 07/15/2016

hahaha, now Understanding medication ... ;) .... thank you Ian, wonderful album, great, what you are doing and so versitile :)

Great Collection of Ian's Tunes


Chronique par Ernie440 le 07/17/2016

Thanks Ian, an honour to be included on this album, hope we can do some more jamming in the near future.


Guitar man


Chronique par onewholeft le 07/15/2016

Great player , great friend , great music


Chronique par rp3drums le 07/15/2016

Ian, always love your guitar playing. Thanks for including me here on your album. Look forward to more jams in the future!

Great album


Chronique par Rickplayer le 11/27/2016

love the album Ian thanks for posting makes a great blues album for sure
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