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American Fiction...

American Fiction...
à propos de cet album:
rp3drums and Friends

A musical journey through Americana....

Get in your muscle car and hit the highway, stop in some road side saloons and jam by the campfire...

Born in the Good Ole USArp3drums créé par rp3drums on 09/09/2016

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hit the highway and just drive


Chronique par rootshell le 06/09/2021

i'm one track in and wow! radio ray for sure, this is a great compilation of outstanding work brotha!

Fantastic Album


Chronique par TeeGee le 05/24/2018

Love the Americana, some fantastic songs here. We got to bring the band back together again and do some more!!

true "americana" flavors :)


Chronique par Dick le 09/28/2016

Thanks for this album - enjoying the listen here, what a bunch of really good tunes I would have otherwise missed. Your drumming gives the collection some personal backbone, so this really sounds like an album (which was probably not intended by the people jamming here I assume).

absolut cool ;o)


Chronique par Uloisius le 09/10/2016

wonderful Album rp ;o)

Hey Ray ....Top Album to listen to with all colours of music !


Chronique par adu le 09/09/2016

Very nice to hear so good Folk, Rock and Country style Songs!
Thank you for sharing and to put me on it.

Greets Adu :)
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