Ragtime to Boogie

Ragtime to Boogie
à propos de cet album:
A selection of tracks in which I had the joy of partecipating, ranging from Ragtime to Shuffle up to Boogie-Woogie. A huge thank you to the great musicians with whom I have had and I have the pleasure to play in this magical world of music that is Wikiloops.Stef créé par Stef on 04/15/2016

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Great keys!


Chronique par Marceys le 04/15/2016

Very cool album you created here Stef!
You play with a very fine feeling and i'm proud to be on a few track in this album!



Always a joy


Chronique par jmrukkers le 04/15/2016

It's always a joy to hear Stef's keys. This album is a great selection of some of his finest tracks on Wikiloops

Ragtime to Boogie


Chronique par Gatorblue le 07/27/2018

Well, Stef shows he knows how to play the good stuff on WL everyday, but his ragtime feelings are just great--loose, but right in the pocket, like ragtime is supposed to be. Very honored to be on a track. Stef's the real deal. -- Gatorblue

Cognac & Cigar


Chronique par titi le 05/20/2018

Stefano is the master of the ragtime! Big sense of this style, the liason towards the boogie is naturally made. I am always admiring of his fast play and its creative energy. He manages the saloon to him alone :D



Chronique par TEE-KWA le 05/20/2018

Very nice:)

I love it !


Chronique par adu le 10/23/2016

Your playin´ is so excellent and i like that, you know ! :)


Chronique par wikibeb le 10/23/2016

superbe album stef
Russ Burke

five foot two


Chronique par Russ Burke le 07/12/2016

It's about time we heard some really up to date musical tributes!!!
I sang right along with this as soon as I heard it start,,,,HA
Loved it!

keep it alive


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 05/03/2016

Guardian of patrimony !!
Roots keys for ever

I love this Music ;o)


Chronique par Uloisius le 04/15/2016

Hey Stef, absolut G R E A T Album here, i love it ;o)
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