jams with titi

jams with titi
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When titi joins me magic comes in...frenzie créé par frenzie on 04/03/2016

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A man of the Blues


Chronique par titi le 04/04/2016

Big sensibility and creative energy around the Blues.
Frenzie expresses a very rhythmical Blues which always gives the will to play.
A great honor to find me here!

It's a feeling from within


Chronique par Bothen le 10/13/2016

I am always drawn to Frenzie's and Titi's blues playing. You can always learn how to play the blues but you need to really feel it to sell it. When this dynamic duo lays out the blues you can count on it being steeped in feeling. I am honored to have a little part here, thanks for all the great jams guys!!

Blues, Blues, Blues!


Chronique par ALawrence1 le 10/13/2016

Wonderful album!

Tha best of the blues from my friends.


Chronique par Keiton le 04/11/2016

titi is master of harp from French. He has a very blues Feelings. Thing of frenzie everyone knows well. Anyway he is excellent blues guitarist. And my good friend. This is the album that the combination of the titi and frenzie is to listen the best of the blues. I want to listen to for hours. --Keiton Arvelaiz.

Superb album with Master Titi


Chronique par ARNOSOLO le 04/30/2018

Awesome album with my friend.
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