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Cody Tripp's Electronic, Orchestra, Movie Score Music by MajorTom_III

Cody Tripp's Electronic, Orchestra, Movie Score Music

Cody Tripp's Electronic, Orchestra, Movie Score Music
À propos de cet album

Electronic, Orchestra, Movie Score music MajorTom_III créé par MajorTom_III on 19 févr. 2016

Apprécié: 9
Ecoutes: 955 fois

Artistes impliqués



Chronique par Uloisius le 20 févr. 2016

This album reflects another facet of Cody`s almost limit-less creativity. Congratulations Cody, you really doing great music ;o)

the Master


Chronique par ivax le 16 sept. 2016

great my friend Cody:)

Melting Pot


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 20 févr. 2016

A must have !
many different ambience with a common point: Beauty

Master Class


Chronique par TEE-KWA le 21 sept. 2020

Fantastically inspiring musical creation. I would be very proud to have produced something like this. Well Done Maestro

Unmatched Talent


Chronique par DannyK le 17 sept. 2016

Nothing short of astounding!
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