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Rickplayer On The Bass

Rickplayer On The Bass
à propos de cet album:
Some of my favorite bass lines fun to playRickplayer créé par Rickplayer on 01/05/2016

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Fantastic bass templates


Chronique par jmrukkers le 04/03/2016

Great collection of bass templates by Rickplayer, many of which have developed into full-blown songs. Always a joy to jam with these.

Thx ;o)


Chronique par Uloisius le 01/05/2016

Thanks for the great bunch of high-class drum & bass Templates ;o)

Great bass Templates


Chronique par ivax le 03/12/2017

fantastic Dave :D

Excellent musician.


Chronique par Keiton le 04/14/2016

Dave is an excellent musician. That's really don't need an explanation. Because it can be understood listen to his music:)



Chronique par frenzie le 04/03/2016

What a treat! All this cool basslines you've created thanks for those Dave! :)
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