soft journey

soft journey
à propos de cet album:
14 wonderful relaxing tracks ... thank you :)

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Music picked by a sensitive soul


Chronique par Wade le 01/01/2016

This is quite a surprise as most members here have posted albums that feature themselves. AKchen has instead chosen to post the work of other members who fit with her "soft journey" theme. It's a pleasure for me to have been included in this illustrious group of composers and players.

I need this sometimes


Chronique par josepssv le 01/16/2016

I need this sometimes
When will I have when I can not be with you ..

"Soft & Beautifl!"


Chronique par incivanpico le 01/10/2016

Sensitive moody relaxing music :) I'm very happy to be part of your journey!. Danke dir AKchen! ;)

What a wonderful world


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 01/07/2016

Excellent title and picture !
Yes, Agree with Wade, so cute to share your "heart break". The global mood is perfect

Well worth the listen


Chronique par onewholeft le 01/06/2016

A great album by one of Wikiloops favourite people

Enjoying the Album


Chronique par ArkRockStudio le 09/17/2017

Great collection of tunes AKchen

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à propos de cet album:
14 wonderful relaxing tracks ... thank you :)
AKchen créé par AKchen on 01/01/2016

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