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With Marc and Martin

With Marc and Martin
à propos de cet album:
Everyone is aware about this awesome "partnership" between those hairy guys and myself :)

I take the opportunity to share our collaborations on wikiloops.dreams.love.music.com.thanksalot.Dick

I've just chosen tracks with only all 3 (just two guests on bass).
A kind of power trio !

It is also a dedication to my partners, my friends, I'm fan

We are Lucky guys because we've played together at the wiki meeting, we've met for real.
The cover is not random mode ! :)

I hope you will like OUR music

With Affection
TofTofzegrit créé par Tofzegrit on 12/31/2015

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Chronique par mpointon le 01/13/2016

I'm honoured. I'm so genuinely honoured that you've devoted your time and effort to an album which involves me. You and Marc are such an utter pleasure to play with - a musical attraction I cannot resist. Nevertheless, I'm glowing with honour that you deem me worthy of this album.

Thank you, Tof :)
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"......yeah.. What they all said! And ps. it's great! Thanks!"

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