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Uloisius & Cody Tripp

 Uloisius  &  Cody Tripp
à propos de cet album:
collaborations by Uloisius & Cody TrippMajorTom_III créé par MajorTom_III on 12/27/2015

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MajorTom_III jamlady Uloisius Basster heliandros Rickplayer cschlote akethesnaker HoeKa

Wunderbar! ¨Playlisted !


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 05/15/2016

Win team here !

Tolles Album...


Chronique par cschlote le 06/05/2017

Schöne Sammlung von Arbeiten mit Cody und Uloisius. Falls man mal nicht nur Musik hören will, sondern auch tolle Texte mit Aussage hören will.



Chronique par Uloisius le 12/27/2015

Thanks for this great summary of the songs that I was allowed to play with you. So often when I listen to your music I feel a strong connection.
You're so versatile and what you play always touches me ;o)
It is an honor and a pleasure for me to make music with you, wikiloops makes it possible.
I hope many more songs from both of us ;o)
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