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When I´m with you

When I´m with you
à propos de cet album:
Many thanks to these fine musicians and friends at the loops: Aleonz, Cody Tripp, Fishinmissio, GlezBass, Haddock, Heliandros, Jamlady, Javisax, Jaymny, JMB65, JohnKou, Johnv, KellsBells, Lenny Cowler, Marmotte, Martyman, Milachica, OliVBee, Piper, Shi, Tofzegrit, Titi, Uloisius and Ziharmo.Liesching créé par Liesching on 12/23/2015

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Artistes impliqués:
Liesching javisax fanne MajorTom_III Jaymny JMB65 Shi Tofzegrit Uloisius Fishinmissio Milachica OliVBee haddock pkliesch JohnKou ziharmo KellsBells jamlady Martyman Lenny Cowler aleonz piper heliandros titi GlezBass

Marc Must be a Time Lord


Chronique par KellsBells le 01/04/2016

...because when he plays, time stands still. Every note is utterly captivating and his hands are the physical embodiment of the range of human emotions. He can make you smile and cry with his fingertips. I could thank him a thousand times for his music, and it wouldn't be enough, but I'll do it once more anyway. Thank you Marc for sharing your musical genius with all of us. :)

Heavenly Sounds


Chronique par aleonz le 12/26/2015

Is this how heaven sounds like? or from fairy tale place??

I never been there, but the beauty of Marc's music always give a peaceful feeling that can calm the storm, a cool breeze in the hot sunny day, and warm to the a rainy days, always amazing how his music fly into my ears, and goes straight to the heart and strike the soul. The music that can stop a moment for while, and take your mind to one beautiful place somewhere in the other horizon, where there is nothing but the beauty....I'm so thankful to found Marc's music, and dare myself to song in some of his masterpiece.

Thank you for your music Marc!


The Wizzard


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 12/23/2015

A great review of your talent my friend!
All people involved here know the luck they have to be able playing music with such a lovely musician you are



Chronique par Fishinmissio le 08/11/2017

Honored to be involved with such a talented musician/composer :) as well as the friends from Wikiloops.

Wonderful and Magical ! :)


Chronique par incivanpico le 09/02/2016

I get lost in time as you play Marc! :)beautiful music! Bravo my friend! ;)

Talent and inspiration


Chronique par ROBJOL le 06/20/2016

Liesching has the talent to inspire all the musicians who work with him. What a wonderful gift.

Sahneschnitte ;o)


Chronique par Uloisius le 01/03/2016

Heute während meines Morgenspazierganges mit den Hunden habe ich mir das komplette Album in Ruhe angehört.
Was für schöne Musik Marc!
Es freut mich sehr das ich sogar mit dabei sein darf hier, auf deinem Album.
Hut ab und weiter so ;o)


Chronique par titi le 12/28/2015

Bright, shine, Léger, deep, often sad, sometimes joyful....
That of opposite mélés feelings in ten fingers...
Respect Master ;-)

The piano man


Chronique par onewholeft le 12/24/2015

If you like great piano the you will just love this album from one fine player

Tasty and colourful !


Chronique par OliVBee le 12/23/2015

Great collection of talented individuals ... the delicacy of the different tracks illustrate so nicely the variety that can be found on wikiloops ! thanks alot :)

Wonderful album


Chronique par GlezBass le 12/23/2015

Wonderful album of a genius at the piano, with a bunch of friends adorning a grand piano compositions and lines, recommended this CD to friends

Proudly sharing the Music of The Talented Wikiloops Community


Chronique par Left081120 le 06/13/2018

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