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Groovy Ride Vol.1

Groovy Ride Vol.1
à propos de cet album:
Groove, Funky, Dance compilation tracks part one.
The kind of tracks that can keep me up while working & driving.

There is so many super cool musicians that I owed a big thanks on this bundle of joy.
So happy to found and play with these guys!

Thank you for this Cool Groovy Ride Guys!aleonz créé par aleonz on 12/24/2015

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Alice At Her Very Best


Chronique par mpointon le 12/24/2015

Alice. The extraordinary talent. The singer par excellence. The vocal chameleon who can adapt to any style like she was born to it. The lyricist who can turn complete melodies, backing vocals and lyrics round in two hours flat as if she'd spent months crafting a song. The last point I must make for those who read this: not only is this singing fit for the very, very best commercial output, it's done quickly and concisely. With production values to die for.

This album is just a taster of your remarkable abilities. In roughly six months, you have turned the Loops on its head, exposing us to professional-quality talent. Turning a tune from just a jam into a potential commercial success.

Thank you Alice. I, for one, am so glad you don't think you're above WikiLoops. We all relish your talent, musicality and ability. I wish you every success.

Groovy all over!


Chronique par Marceys le 12/24/2015

Ah yeah!

That's some cool groovy collection! Love these tracks Alice! Great to hear you on all these groovy tracks with these groovy guys!

Great album!



Alice, my dear...


Chronique par Balfo le 08/29/2016

...at birth the delivery room was a studio, the midwife a composer, your diapers were made of sheets of music, it can not have been otherwise. Very nice album with great vocals and great musicians!
Huge regards...B.

Best of AL


Chronique par Joemc72 le 01/20/2016

Al! I enjoy all your albums, but this one is the Best One, you are in your best form funky girl!

Class act


Chronique par PaulBOwens le 01/05/2016

Love your work Al - your seamless harmonies and magic singing are irresistible listening. Well done and best wishes. Paul


Chronique par ivax le 12/28/2015

Great Alice

Not so far away...


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 12/26/2015

First groove opus full of joy, talent, smile and fun.
I'm so proud to play with this Girl sometimes, did you ever met an angel ? I did
Thank you for your inccedible great music sister

Great album!


Chronique par SlonMusic le 12/25/2015

You have a really magic talent Alice! It's so cool - to be on the some of your tracks.



Chronique par adu le 04/20/2016

all the Songs here with some of the best musician at the Loops! (my opinion). Folks, listen to this great Album, it´s for free and this is unbelievable! Alice, please, never stop to sing!

Greetz Adu :)

A rainbow in her skies


Chronique par banjup le 07/14/2017

A little tear in her eyes a little cloud in her skies do you think you know her well more than you can really tell A little sunshine in her day a little rain has chased it all away do you know how much she can take how many times her heart will break That one rainbow in her sky came from all the tears she cried And all those flowers that you see they don't just suddenly appear and all those colours she sets free came from all her heartache and fears this is a great song try it again


Chronique par banjup le 07/14/2017

Hi Alice I agree with all the comments of your work.You have everything going in the right direction good feel commercial sound a very good use of studio time vocal mixing etc. But, and please do not take this the wrong way the music business is very brutal. You must learn from the criticism and use it to become better .Your writing and singing your songs in English.You have to think about rhyming listen to some old well known English artist Annie Lennox,or Stevie Nicks listen to the words how they rhyme ,there are many ways you can use rhyme.I rewrote the Lyrics on one of your songs have a look and re sing it to the new lyric arrangement and listen to the difference. A Rainbow In Her Skies. By: Aliceleonz A little tears in her eyes a little burn in her heart do you think you know her well better than you really are A little sun in her day A little stormy rain on her way Do you know how much it’s take How many times her heart should break That one rainbow in her sky came from all the tears she cried And all those flowers that you see they don’t just suddenly appear they barely breathing in the mud before they finally bring their colours out
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