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The Best Of Cody Tripp by MajorTom_III

The Best Of Cody Tripp

The Best Of Cody Tripp
À propos de cet album

The very best songs I've done on Wikiloops MajorTom_III créé par MajorTom_III on 1 janv. 2016

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Chronique par Tofzegrit le 6 janv. 2016

Here is some good tracks of yours and people have to know that Cody Tripp makes music for others overall!!
Any style, mood, color, emotion
Thanks Mister Artist

Great album!


Chronique par Marceys le 1 janv. 2016

You've made a great collection af tracks Cody! Love them all!

You have made awesome tracks!

Let's hear some new ones in 2016!



Great Track!


Chronique par akethesnaker le 18 avr. 2017

Man, all your stuff is best of;)

Outstanding Music!


Chronique par R1772 le 28 avr. 2016

Cody Tripp´s are outstanding by composition, arrangement and sound and also by versatility. A pleasure to listen to his album and - last not least - to work with his templates.

Best regards

Rainer (R1772)


Chronique par ivax le 2 janv. 2016

Great Cody...Fantastic

Just great!


Chronique par JoeOnBass le 6 juin 2022

I'm not sure you can make a single album of Cody Tripp and call it the greatest, he's got soooo many great works that simply won't fit on a single album. This is a wonderful collection.

Great Album!


Chronique par jamlady le 15 mars 2019

thanks Tom...
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"......yeah.. What they all said! And ps. it's great! Thanks!"

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