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Many thanks to all the great Wikiloopers without their cool templates this album would never come about.

Special thanks to Baer, jablue, haddock, Horst phil & Fishinmissio for your music to the title "Traumschloss". Unfortunately, the tree was full and I had to start with my remix a completely new project ;o)

Long live wikiloops; o)Uloisius créé par Uloisius on 12/25/2015

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Great collection of lovely songs


Chronique par jmrukkers le 04/16/2016

This is a superb sampling of Ulo's smoother side. Much enjoyed hearing some of my favourite tracks on this album.


Chronique par Babbazitt le 04/01/2016

cool collection!!!


Chronique par ivax le 12/26/2015

Great Ulo

Cool smoothies!


Chronique par Marceys le 12/25/2015

Hey Uloisius,

Great to be on another album of yours!

The track "dann ist es Liebe" became so cool with your singing! Love that track man!


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