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Trying to figure just what songs to put on here was exciting. There is one song on here by Shi and friends I particulary love "Flowers". Hope you enjoy the journey.WildGoat créé par WildGoat on 10/16/2022

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FrankMil denisk JoeOnBass WildGoat MikeyJ FrankieJ bassman78fr slin Ezdrummer Wade khangurumc eothen Shi ROBJOL KaiPlan deezee JeanPaul66 Riffraff rootshell Marceys Jaymny OB-Lix frankyguitar OliVBee GlezBass frenzie jamlady MajorTom_III ivax Krasimir CGN_Mike Haffast

Super cool album with a lot of great musicians


Chronique par eothen le 10/18/2022

I appreaciate it that you've added "Flowers" to this album :)

fantastic Album


Chronique par ivax le 10/17/2022

wonderful album, full of exciting songs, thanks for including me :W:W

Fantastic Album


Chronique par deezee le 10/17/2022

Thanks for adding me Billy. I love all the tracks on this great album.

Nice album


Chronique par ROBJOL le 10/17/2022

Very interesting choice of songs. And very happy to be part o it.

Interesting Album


Chronique par Krasimir le 10/17/2022

This is an album with good selection and style i like it.Thanks for including me.



Chronique par Ezdrummer le 10/17/2022

Thanks very much for includind me

Glad to be aboard


Chronique par JoeOnBass le 10/16/2022

so happy we get to jam together my friend! Nice selection of tracks, keep rockin'!

Interesting cool Album!


Chronique par jamlady le 10/16/2022

Thanks a lot!



Chronique par WildGoat le 10/18/2022

Well I did a video to send to friends .. hope ok with everybody. Use is if you like ... it was fun to do. https://youtu.be/89OjQpR5nys
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