While Looking

While Looking
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Here are some tracks in collaboration with Raindox (Piet). Through this album I want to present this music and bring it to your attention. I hope you can appreciate it.

Piet, thanks for the cooperation; I am very fond of it. I tried to pick out some favorite tracks but I stopped doing that; All the tracks are gems.ericblom créé par ericblom on 06/19/2022

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ericblom Raindox



Chronique par Navota le 06/20/2022

Wooow this is a great way to combine the flute love the to sounds together

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Chronique par Raindox le 06/19/2022

Eric's music have fascinated me since I got here, and being able to explore and respond to it means the world to me. His tracks all stand on their own, but at the same time they offer space and inspiration to add other layers to it. Many musicians did totally different things with his music and that's quite amazing. So, Eric, I can not thank you enough for this and we will make some more!!
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