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Jam session 08/05/2022

Jam session 08/05/2022
à propos de cet album:
6 jams in a row listening only to the first bars, I really like this exercise, even if there are a few wrong notes :)

Jypeka créé par Jypeka on 05/09/2022

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Fantastic jam


Chronique par tonyx62 le 05/09/2022

Fantastic jam session, unique style. Happy to be part of it;)

A brilliant idea


Chronique par notebynote le 05/09/2022

Take a couple of songs and collect them into a compilation, just wow. That is what is wikiloops about, creativity, open minded and happy to share.



Chronique par M4fp le 05/09/2022

I am very happy that you have chosen one of my tracks. Thanks a lot, great compilation. 😀
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