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RootShell and Friends

RootShell and Friends
à propos de cet album:
Nick (aka rootshell) is a musician I follow since he joined our community.
His musicality and the musical themes he proposes immediately seduced me.
He seems to have, like many of us, eclectic musical tastes.
From Rock to Jazz to Funk and Soul.
I had a lot of pleasure to make this opus and I had the greatest difficulty to establish a selection of gigs that appear in this compilation.
Thanks also to the other contributors of this album.
NB: for the symbolism of the cover, you can refer to the description in the profile of rootshell. It will include the wink.bassman78fr créé par bassman78fr on 05/08/2022

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Nick for President! :)


Chronique par Carlomac le 05/08/2022

So glad to be part of this tribute to Nick (what an artist). Lot of great songs, also thanks to your contribution, Bassman :)

Some great stuff!


Chronique par rp3drums le 05/08/2022

Thanks my friend for having me on so many songs on this album. Nick is the man, thankfully he is on the loops!

Great Collection!


Chronique par SoulFingers le 05/08/2022

A great tribute to a talented and creative full blood musician. Glad to be part of the album - also thanks to all the other fine fellow musicians included ;)

So good


Chronique par Baerenkind le 05/10/2022

A really great collection from Nick and you. Proud to be a part of it.

What an Honor


Chronique par rootshell le 05/08/2022

Thank you so much bassman, I'm truly honored. I love the album graphic :) Thank you for the low end adds over time, always a special moment when you join in.
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