High Winds

High Winds
à propos de cet album:
My second album here, containing songs created in stormy times, what is reflected in most of the lyrics, but sometimes contrasted with cheerful moods. I hope it has a character of its own, but as in case of the previous one it balances between rock, jazz and pop and between heavier beats and melancholic reflection. I am so grateful to all participating fellow musicians and wikiloops, thanks to you I can fulfill my dreams and develop musically. Enjoy listening! Mac Mac Dab créé par Mac Dab on 04/03/2022

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High Winds


Chronique par bassman78fr le 04/03/2022

Very flattered that you chose one of the tracks I contributed to. Very nice Play-List.



Chronique par M4fp le 04/03/2022

Thanks for choosing a track of mine . Lovely EP cover. 👍👍
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