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Relaxing with cup of coffee

Relaxing with cup of coffee
à propos de cet album:
Mix of relaxing jams with my and other WIKI friends presence. Get a good coffee and listen.Krasimir créé par Krasimir on 04/08/2022

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Artistes impliqués:
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Great Collection of Wiki Talent


Chronique par bluvation le 04/09/2022

Your album highlights some of the wonderful talent here on Wikiloops Krasimir, thanks for including some of my songs and for enhancing them. I'm truly honored. :)

Momentos de deleite


Chronique par Andri le 04/09/2022

Lovely compilation of ambient music to enjoy the peace. Thank you my friend.

Awesome music.


Chronique par davidaustin le 04/09/2022

Another great collection of tracks Krasimir, I am humbled to be included on this album, thank you my friend.

Bonita compilacion


Chronique par carlottis le 04/08/2022

Me gustan estos discos, donde se juntan tantas emociones, gracias por incluirme 👍🏻

Is always Coffee Time


Chronique par M4fp le 04/08/2022

Great track. Thanks for inserting it.😃

Wonderful,amigo Krasimir


Chronique par ivax le 04/10/2022

Thank you for including me in this collection, I like to see that you have the ability to play in many styles, always with interesting ideas :W
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