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After more than seven years here on wikiloops i make myself a little gift! Thanks all the fantastic musicians for making my life a little more sensible!adu créé par adu on 02/12/2021

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oh my!


Chronique par rootshell le 02/12/2021

i'm big fan of yours adu, you have some the best catchy jams my friend. this is an easy album download for me, great stuff here! looking forward to more jams from you, and hopefully so more collaborations :) love this album!!

riff master


Chronique par axenvocs le 02/15/2021

You always make appealing jams. Look forward to hearing your next creations and an honor to have a Collaboration on the album

Happy Seven Years


Chronique par ivax le 02/13/2021

thanks Adu,a pleasure for me ,play with you,always,amigo

Cool Selection


Chronique par Andel le 02/12/2021

...of good and honest songs with a message. Thank You, for letting me be a part of this nice album.

Incredible and diverse album!


Chronique par Tu le 02/12/2021

My friend you are a great songwriter and together we have jammed some mighty fine songs, thank you so much for including me in this terrific collectionxxx
Major 3rd

7 gems


Chronique par Major 3rd le 02/12/2021

Very nice line up..Adu is a great player and composer and I am often drawn into his fantastic a future of more..

Congrats on 7 great musical years, hope for at least 7 more!


Chronique par TeeGee le 02/16/2021

I have had the real pleasure to jam in real life with you Adu, and not only are you a top guitarist, you are also a really cool guy! Thank you for having me on this album, a great honour - and hopefully we will jam Pignose vs. Pignose soon :D

Congrats on 7


Chronique par Offfocus le 02/14/2021

Hey Adu . .crongratulations on the 7 years and on this very nice album! This goes straight to my phone :) Happy to be your Wiki-Fellow :)

Great selection of fine tracks


Chronique par Carpenter le 02/13/2021

Vielen Dank, dass ich bei Deiner ausgewählten Sammlung von Wikiloops-Songs dabeisein darf, Adu :)

Cool collection of nice jams !


Chronique par OliVBee le 02/12/2021

It's great to have you as a friend :) Looking forward to the next 7 years on the loops ! Danke mein freund !
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