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For the Love of Music "Different Styles"

For the Love of Music "Different Styles"
à propos de cet album:
A collection of different songs I've been involved here on wikiloops. Have FUN :-)Drummer68 créé par Drummer68 on 02/04/2021

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Artistes impliqués:
Cantaloopo btrasher Drummer68 MajorTom_III Uloisius Grathy DanDiplo moonchild FrankMil Madvora davidaustin DirkL mortheol frenzie Marcco solozolo Mike_66 Fishinmissio KaiPlan FrankieJ Ernie440 Maytons ecsponger KellsBells

A great album of fine music..!!


Chronique par mortheol le 02/08/2021

Thanks Drummer68 for including me in this fine collection of tracks :D

Tolles Album!


Chronique par Uloisius le 02/08/2021

Vielen Dank das ich dabei sein darf ;o)

Cool variety of styles


Chronique par btrasher le 02/06/2021

Thanks for joining me on your Great album !!

great diversity!


Chronique par frenzie le 02/04/2021

thnx for puttin up with me :D honored to be on the album :):)

A super collection of muso's


Chronique par davidaustin le 02/04/2021

Thank you for including me on this Album.
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