Stay in your lane

Stay in your lane
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Let us relive these good times amigos. DirkL créé par DirkL on 01/23/2021

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DirkL mortheol davidaustin PJE frankyguitar WhiteDrum55 ivax wiseshanks sbisio Fabricio L Gelo Dafunkydrummer btrasher Mika Tohve

Another wonderful selection of music.


Chronique par davidaustin le 01/23/2021

Thanks for including me on this album Dirk and as usual I am humbled.

The Bassman


Chronique par mortheol le 02/01/2021

Hey Dirk...another fine collection of epic jams!!! Always an honor to be included in your albums:W Thanks for taking the time to assemble these and keep the jams alive;)

very good jams


Chronique par btrasher le 01/23/2021

a very good selection of jams with your great bass touch dirk!! thanks for including me !!!

fantastic Album ,Señor Dirk


Chronique par ivax le 01/23/2021

Thanks Dirk,amigo,happy for this great Album :W
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